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  1. Dog Grooming Market Research

    Dog Grooming
    *CALLING ALL DOG OWNERS! Chance to win £50 Pets At Home voucher - 3 minute market research survey into your dog grooming habits* Please take no more than 3 minutes to help us understand your dog grooming habits! Results will be anonymous and used to help frame market research into the dog...
  2. [ear plucking] Anyone ever performed ear plucking with dog and result in inflections?

    Dog Grooming
    This article would assume readers that you have experience in ear plucking and had applied the correct technique when doing so. 1. I had attended a one day pet grooming course (given a certificate) in one of the most reputable and recognised Pet Grooming Centre in my country in early 2017. One...
  3. Need photos of groomed dogs!

    Dog Grooming
    Hello, I'm an Industrial Design student and I am now working on a project about dog grooming. If you could send me photos of your dog after (or before&after) grooming and tell me or show your favourite part about your just groomed dog, that would be so helpful! Thanks a lot!
  4. How to Properly Groom Your Dog

    Dog Grooming
    Hello. I started a blog about dog behaviour and dog grooming. I just wrote a new article and I want to share it with all of you and get your feedback. The title is: How to Properly Groom Your Dog You can find the article here: How to Properly Groom Your Dog - Top Dog Wash Station I would...
  5. Do those quick indicator clippers really work?

    Dog Grooming
    Hello guys, I wanted to ask you guys if those clippers for dog's nails that indicate if you're near the quick actually work or not? ~Thanks!:D
  6. What's the best dog teeth cleaning "tool(s)" out there?

    Dog Grooming
    Hello guys, I was hoping I could ask this huge, wonderful dog community what their thoughts on certain dog oral cleaning products were and which one(s) they felt was most effective at its job, removing "junk" off the teeth. The products I've seen are... [if you know of anything else, please...
  7. Why Should I Trim My Dog's Nails?

    Dog Grooming
    Dog nails are constantly growing, just like human nails. Some dogs wear down their nails naturally from walking on pavement, gravel or concrete. However, the majority of today's dogs live indoors and don't spend enough time on these surfaces to keep the nails short. This is especially the case...
  8. New Innovative Dog Grooming Product

    Dog Grooming
    Hello everyone, We are a team of product design students at MIT. We are working on the design of a new and more effective grooming tool for dogs. We would appreciate it if forum members could take the following survey, which will inform us on which product features are most appealing to dog...
  9. Greatings from BC

    Hello everyone, As a newbie in this forum I'd like to tell you a little about me. I live most of time near Vancouver, BC. Except for a couple of years here and there, I always had a dog (at some point 2) in my house. I grew up with one and just love them all. At the moment, I have a lovely...