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  1. my dog has mushy yellow stool

    Dog Health
    i adopted a 2 year old boxer mix about 3 weeks ago and after the first night here she has constantly had a yellow and mushy stool sometimes more watery sometimes it would have a couple drops of blood and another time a lot of mucus. she other wise seems normal. we thought maybe the food was the...
  2. My dog turned 12, looking for advice on what I should

    General Dog Discussion
    My dog Simon (corgi-golden retriever) turned 12 about a month ago and over the last year or so he has been showing his age but lately it's a little bit more noticeable. He's only about 27 pounds but unfortunately I have stairs so he can't always walk down them but he can walk up. 1. he doesn't...
  3. Trying to switch to new food

    Dog Food
    My boyfriend and I recently adopted our first dog this past February. Scout is a pug mix (possibly mixed with besenji) and he was 7 months when we adopted him. He turned one this past weekend. When we adopted him, we were given a bag of "Hills Science Diet Puppy- Small bites" Scout liked the...
  4. My dog is having seizures, what can I do about them?

    Dog Health
    Hello Everyone, I have a puggle named Charlie, he's roughly 6 but I don't know for sure since he was a rescue. I've had Charlie for almost 2 years. He had 2 seizures in the first year, he had 1 in April 2016 and unfortunately last night he had another one. They don't happen frequently enough...