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  1. Homemade dog food for dogs with allergies?

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    Hi there :) Im just after some advice and personal experience with dogs with allergies and feeding homemade dog food. My 4 month old puppy has a rash on her stomach. My vet has looked at her twice and now recommend to take her off beef as it could be allergies. I did some research and saw that...
  2. Dog with food allergies - moving to home cooked diet

    Dog Food
    Hi Everyone, At the vets last night we got the results of our little Lhasa Apso (Female, will be 3 in May, 4.5KG) allergy test. This was done as a result of a chronic ear infection shes suffered with for most of the year that we now know is caused by food allergies and boy, she's allergic to...
  3. Best dog food for allergies

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    I have a medium sized dog named Louis, who I found out a few months ago has protein allergies (at least the vet thinks so because he had a bad reaction to a fish based diet I tried to give him). I've heard from others that Grandma Lucy's freeze dried venison is good for allergies and it's...
  4. Managing Pet Gastrointestinal Issues With Nutrition

    The Honest Kitchen
    Written by Dr. Leliani Alvaraz, DVM Gastrointestinal problems comprise the most common ailments seen in both dogs and cats. These can range from a short-term upset tummy (such as Vomiting and Diarrhea) to a chronic or more serious ailment (such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Pancreatitis)...
  5. Meet Marley: Amazing Service Dog With Severe Food Allergies

    The Honest Kitchen
    This story is a featured post on our blog taken from one of our amazing True Stories- customer testimonials on how food helped heal their pet. Cindy was living with PTSD from a range of terrifying experiences. She began researching service dogs to help with her disorder and set out to find a...
  6. Meet Wiggles: An Unhappy Itchy Dog Who Finally Found Relief

    The Honest Kitchen
    Wiggles’ horrible itching and skin hot spots had her miserable and her owners distraught. But a change in dog food turned out to be the solution! Watching Wiggles run around the park near her home in Escondido, Calif., you’d never know the poodle mix is nine years old. “People think she’s a...