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  1. Dog Food
    Hi there :) Im just after some advice and personal experience with dogs with allergies and feeding homemade dog food. My 4 month old puppy has a rash on her stomach. My vet has looked at her twice and now recommend to take her off beef as it could be allergies. I did some research and saw that...
  2. Dog Food
    Hi Everyone, At the vets last night we got the results of our little Lhasa Apso (Female, will be 3 in May, 4.5KG) allergy test. This was done as a result of a chronic ear infection shes suffered with for most of the year that we now know is caused by food allergies and boy, she's allergic to...
  3. Dog Food
    I have a medium sized dog named Louis, who I found out a few months ago has protein allergies (at least the vet thinks so because he had a bad reaction to a fish based diet I tried to give him). I've heard from others that Grandma Lucy's freeze dried venison is good for allergies and it's...
1-3 of 6 Results