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  1. Dog Performance Sports
    Now that Biscuit has a nice, new mesh crate, I intend to crate him at trials. He's been crated before, but only in the car, since he's a tad reactive. He Often barks when I leave him, and he strains toward every dog we walk past. I've started breaking him in to the new crate, and he's fine with...
  2. Dog Gear and Supplies
    First off, Biscuit is completely better. In case anyone was wondering. :) The vet said his diarrhea may have been caused by stress, which is possible. He was at a trial that day, and he loves agility trials, but he was hesitant to be crated in the car. That may have stressed him out. It might be...
  3. General Dog Discussion
    I'm in the process of adopting a dog (!), but need some advice about crate models and sizing. My spaniels growing up were only ever crated as puppies, just until they were housetrained, and really only at night. The advantages of a parent that works from home. However, I do not have that good...
1-3 of 3 Results