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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone!! My name is Genesis and I have 3 dogs, 2 Beagles and one Australian Cattle dog. I sell dog clothes online at very reasonable prices and would appreciate if you would visit my site and pass it along to anyone else you think might be interested in purchasing for their pooch...
  2. Dog Pictures and Videos
    We got our dog Oscar a new vest to keep warm but when we put it on him, he freezes. Anyone know why this is? We caught it on tape, pretty funny!
  3. Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hey there dog lovers! :huddle: I design and manufacture dog clothes and would appreciate your input so that I can make stuff you would actually like to buy for your pets. Please answer a few quick questions to help me out... 1) What is the MAXIMUM amount of money that you would pay for a...
  4. Dog Gear and Supplies
    My girlfriend sells dog clothes in a market in Thailand. I built a site for her to sell online and ship to the US. I thought there would be a good market but she is getting moderate traffic and only a handful of sales. Not sure if it is the product, price or the fact they are shipped from...
  5. Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hi! I'm on a personal mission to transform dogwear from costume couture (aside from halloween, of course!) to functional and expressive: funk-tional, as we call it! I've always been a person who didn't put a jacket on my dog unless it was exceptionally cold and even then - most of the ones...
1-5 of 14 Results