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  1. My dog has a white bump on her leg?

    Dog Health
    Hello, I have a 5 year old female chihuahua. A few days ago I noticed a white bump on her leg. She has never had this before so I’m worried, as I do not know what this is. I’m not sure if this requires immediate attention (due to COVID-19 I’d rather not leave the house unless absolutely...
  2. Please help!!!

    Dog Health
    About a year ago my dog was scratching himself repeatedly and a bump had formed on his back near his tail. I made this problem known to my parents and they ended up taking him to the vet while I was at school. After they took him there the vet concluded that he was having an allergic reaction to...
  3. Weird bump

    Dog Health
    I recently found this spot on my pup. Anyone know what it could be? Doesn’t seem to be an open wound or cause her any pain, just weird looking.