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    Dog Breeds
    I live in a city of more than 10 million people (Lahore). In our city, there was a 2-day dog breeds contest. The first day was dedicated solely to German Shepherds and the second day was reserved for all the other breeds. It was a great experience for me as i was able to meet many dog lovers of...
  2. Help with breed, NSDTR mix?

    Dog Breeds
    Can anyone help guessing what our sweet Pippa girl could be mixed with? We are pretty certain she has Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever in her by her looks, size, webbed feet and temperament. She also does the Toller scream but not too bad. She's about 38 lbs! We've ran out of ideas of what she...
  3. Hello There!

    Hello everyone, My name is Jessie, Hope you all doing good. I'm here to get help and learn about getting a new pet.
  4. How to Find Reputable/Reliable Breeders?

    Dog Breeds
    How to find reputable/reliable wirehaired pointing griffon breeders?
  5. ID the breed of my rescue pup? I think he's a mini american eskimo mix but not sure!

    Dog Breeds
    I have an album of pics here: His adoption papers from the shelter said Welsh Springer Spaniel, but he doesn't really look like one. I looked at some images of a c*ck-a-mo, and he sort of resembles some of them but he's lacking the puff atop his head that most...
  6. Please help figure out my girlfriend's dog's breed!

    Dog Breeds
    The dog is a Thai street dog. It has a fairly long snout, pricky/pointy ears and its tail curls upwards (as seen in attached photos). After spending some time with a breed recognition app, I came across some slight matches: Dingo (long snout, pointy ears and same shaped face) Shiba Inu (curly...
  7. What are you opinions on these breeds as Service Dogs?

    Working Dogs
    I need a psychatric service dog for PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression. I have afew dogs that I prefer to have and I've read about all of them but I have information that has been contradicted by multiple sites and I don't really know what to believe haha. Please do not ask why I want specific dogs...
  8. Help Choosing A Dog

    Dog Breeds
    Hey guys, I am new to the forum and need a little assistance in picking the right dog. I am 18 and live with my mum and younger brother who is 9. We live in a ground floor flat with fairly large rooms and a large communal garden with plenty of grass and running space. I do not have much...
  9. rant regarding labeling shelter dogs

    Dog Breeds
    So the dog pounds and spca in my area either like lying to people or really need to look at a dog book. They never get breeds right everything is either a hound and terrier or a lab mix....I mean right no my spca has 2 pit bulls. I have no issue with ANY breed. There are ones I would own and...
  10. Dog breed that is best for me?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello! I'm new here and I'm looking for a dog breed that would fit best in my life style. What I'm looking for: I want a dog that is smart and very easily trained. I love to train animals and I know what I'm doing. (Trained most of my family pets to do a lot of different tricks and...
  11. Breeds of the alphabet

    Fun and Games
    Here's how to play! One person posts a pic of a dog that starts with a letter of the alphabet, the next person posts a pic of a dog that starts with the next letter. Please label the breed. You may post pics of mixed breeds as well if you wish. When we get to the end, we can just start from the...
  12. Dog Trivia

    Fun and Games
    Here's how to play! One person asks a question and the next person answers. The first one to answer correctly takes their turn. It's a lot like the guess the breed game on here but with trivia rather than guessing breeds by pictures. I'll start it off. Which breed of dog is known for making a...
  13. What dog breeds should I look into?

    General Dog Discussion
    I want to get a dog in a few years, but I'm unsure about the breed. Growing up I've had big and small dogs. I'm looking for a dog that is relatively quiet and nondestructive. I'll be living in an urban area so obviously a Coonhound wouldn't be a good choice. But I also want a dog that would be...
  14. Pit Bulls - Do you love them or fear them?

    Dog Breeds
    Just wanted to know what you think about pit bulls.... do you love them, hate them or fear them? Personally, I love them and think they are getting such bad treatment around the world. Been seeing pits killed in mass numbers and it's making me quite sick. :mad: This was the original nanny dog...
  15. What Breeds Rite For Me?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi i am thinking of getting a dog but am not sure what breed of dog is going to be rite for me and was wondering if anyone could help? I am looking for a small dog that i can pick up, that is good with other people and children, and that gets on well with other animals. Can anyone help? Many...