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  1. What breed is this dog?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi, folks. A new dog lover here. I was wondering what breed is this dog? Is she German Shepherd?
  2. Mystery dog! Help me figure out his breed!

    Dog Breeds
    Okay so this all started when we adopted a dog in October that was originally from Louisiana but was transported to New York when hurricanes and stuff were going down. We get tons of guess whenever we bring him places and they are mostly different. For instance every vet and technician said he...
  3. What's the breed of the dog?

    Dog Breeds
    Is it a Labrador Retriever or a Golden Retriever? Thanks.
  4. Need help identifying my dog's breed

    Dog Breeds
    I adopted a dog that I was told as a pomeranian, but I've seen a Pom breed before and she looks different. Can anyone help me? Thank U
  5. What breed is my dog? Pics included

    Dog Breeds
    His name is Max and I had him for years. I love him. I know he is a mix breed, thats for sure but he looks like a pit bull mix sometimes. The problem with that theory is that he is really short. He is lean and strong af, and loyal too. And again, I do know he is a mix breed but can anyone tell...
  6. What breed is he?

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hey everyone!! So I work at a vet hospital, and today we had an adorable, lost, puppy come in.. only thing is, none of us can figure out what breed it is. Thrown around the idea of it being a Pomeranian, German Shepard, Finnish Spitz, etc. but I’ve been comparing photos to all types of dog...
  7. Anyone Know What Breed Of Dog I Own?

    General Dog Discussion
    I know I've posted this before and I wanted to edit it so I could add more pictures but I couldn't figure out how to do that so I just made a new thread. I know my dog is for sure German Shepherd but I was wondering if there was any other breeds that might be mixed in. She doesn't have the...
  8. Anybody Know What Breed My Dog Is?

    Dog Breeds
    Now, I know that she's definitely German Shepherd but I was wondering if there was some other breed mixed in. Any ideas?
  9. Help with Identifying my Dogs Breed

    Dog Breeds
    Good Day All! I just stumbled upon this forum today in search of help identifying a new member to our family as of last December. When we rescued him they told us he was approximately one and half to two years old and that he was half Boxer but the other half unknown. Since then we believe he...
  10. Husky mixed with ?

    Dog Breeds
    Hey - so adopting this girl soon, shes clearly a husky mised with something, any ideas what?
  11. Help me identify my mutt's breed!

    Dog Breeds
    Hello all! My family recently adopted a mutt (called Tinkerbell) from Texas about a month ago and we have having trouble identifying her breed. Here's what we know: 1. Her mom is at least part bull terrier. We aren't sure what else she is, but we theorize some sort of pit bull. Her mom is also...
  12. What breed are my dogs?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi! I recently adopted 2 dogs that were listed as lab mix. They are full grown at 45 pounds. They do not gain weight no matter how much they eat, very skinny, love to run (very fast), muscular, intelligent, kind, etc. My friend owns a greyhound and I've been noticing more and more...
  13. dog breeds for me

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi there, My girlfriend and I have recently been looking at various dog breeds, and the one that keeps popping up is the Brittany. Lots of spaniels and sporting breeds have been popping up as well, but we just worry that if we don't give them a "job" (agility or hunting) they will be too...
  14. My dog is having seizures, what can I do about them?

    Dog Health
    Hello Everyone, I have a puggle named Charlie, he's roughly 6 but I don't know for sure since he was a rescue. I've had Charlie for almost 2 years. He had 2 seizures in the first year, he had 1 in April 2016 and unfortunately last night he had another one. They don't happen frequently enough...
  15. Need help identifying breed

    Dog Breeds
    Good day everyone, I am looking to identify my new puppy's breed. We are adopting him from a rescue shelter and he is 7 weeks old. I attach pictures to this post with a couple pictures of the mom to help identify. We don't know what dad would be so all your help is appreciated. Lola (The...
  16. Please help figure out my girlfriend's dog's breed!

    Dog Breeds
    The dog is a Thai street dog. It has a fairly long snout, pricky/pointy ears and its tail curls upwards (as seen in attached photos). After spending some time with a breed recognition app, I came across some slight matches: Dingo (long snout, pointy ears and same shaped face) Shiba Inu (curly...
  17. What kind of dog did I rescue?!

    Dog Breeds
    I recently rescued a 7 month old dog from the shelter. I would like to know yalls opionions on what breeds he may be!! I don't know how to post pics on here. Can someone help me?
  18. What dog breed do you think matches your personality?

    Dog Breeds
    Recently I've been noticing how my coworker's corgi has a personality similar to hers - small but mighty. That got me thinking :ponder: what breed would match my personality? After a TON of research, I finally compiled a list based on the Myers-Briggs personality types...
  19. Is my dog a purebred GSD or not?!

    Dog Breeds
    Hello! I am looking for input or educated guesses on if anyone thinks my dog is purebred or not! A little background info: I purchased my puppy Cali from, to be honest, a non-reputable breeder online back in November. I was told she was a German shepherd/lab mix - her mother was all black with...
  20. What breed should I get?

    Dog Breeds
    Here is me and my lifestyle: - I'm sort of lazy but I like to do active things with a dog. - I'm not very strong so tough strong dogs isn't for me. - I'm 13 so something that isn't a malinois preferably - I have experience with fearful, deaf and reactive dogs - I train using R+ and -P What I...