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  1. Help with Identifying my Dogs Breed

    Dog Breeds
    Good Day All! I just stumbled upon this forum today in search of help identifying a new member to our family as of last December. When we rescued him they told us he was approximately one and half to two years old and that he was half Boxer but the other half unknown. Since then we believe he...
  2. Husky mixed with ?

    Dog Breeds
    Hey - so adopting this girl soon, shes clearly a husky mised with something, any ideas what?
  3. Please help figure out my girlfriend's dog's breed!

    Dog Breeds
    The dog is a Thai street dog. It has a fairly long snout, pricky/pointy ears and its tail curls upwards (as seen in attached photos). After spending some time with a breed recognition app, I came across some slight matches: Dingo (long snout, pointy ears and same shaped face) Shiba Inu (curly...
  4. What breed of dog is this?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello, I'm looking to find out what breed of dog this is and does it get any bigger? Thank you
  5. Can you please help me identify the breed for this dog

    Dog Breeds
    Kindly help me, please
  6. What Breed is this dog?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi guys i wanted to know if someone can tell me what breed is this dog, i think its like a mix of jack russel terrier but im not sure... Also i would like to know how much energy does this breed has, how much it will grow and if theres an especific country/place where they grow them. I know...
  7. Guess my dog's breed!

    Dog Breeds
    New member here and first time dog owner! Can anyone help me figure out my dog's breed? The rescue thinks he's a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog mix. They also believe he is a little over a year old. What do you think? Thanks for your help!
  8. Help me identifiying my dog´s breed.

    Dog Breeds
    So, some person leaved two puppies near our house at night while me and my family where sleeping, we didnt really knew what to do, but we finally decided to adopt one of them and give the other one to a shelter, and i need help to identify her breed. Both puppies where female and seemed too be...
  9. I have a mystery dog! What breeds do you think she is?

    Dog Breeds
    Ru is 2 years old and 40 pounds. We've heard many guesses as to what breeds she might be mixed with, including australian shepherd, cattle dog, pit bull, boxer, plott hound, mountain cur, basenji, catahoula leopard, and more. I think there's no doubt she has some herding dog, as she tends to...
  10. Unidentified dog breed

    Dog Breeds
    Hi everybody! I need help to identify the breed of my puppy. She is 3months old Color mocha brown with white With few wrinkles on neck and forehead Medium size dog Short fur Thanks for answering :)
  11. Help with breed ID: Mastiff and what else?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello I am looking to adopt a medium-energy, large dog and I am considering a mastiff. I found this one and was wondering if anyone could figure out his pointy ears, which I could not find in any mastiff puppies, along with several other characteristics that lead me to believe he is a mix. I am...
  12. I was told She is a Pure Breed Saint Bernard but..

    Dog Breeds
    I am having my doubts. .. The lady I got Alexandria from, was not the breeder; And when I asked for the breeder's information the woman stated that the breeder would rather her information not out in the open. It seems a little fishy, so that is why I am asking. No matter if she is mixed or not...
  13. Help indintiflying the breed/s?

    Dog Breeds
    Sorry don't know how to resize? I was curious about what ever breed or breeds that this dog is? I've never really seen a dog look like that and honestly I think its incredibly cute! I know its a long shot but had to try considering it looks like it was taken in a remote location. original...
  14. Hard to identify breed(s)

    Dog Breeds
    Anyone have any idea what this dog could have in him? Almost looks fox-like in person. Was adopted after he was found wild. He was much darker as a puppy. 3 years old. First two are as a puppy, second two are 2-3 years old. Male. Hes changed alot. Fully grown weight 33 lbs. Very fast. Energetic...
  15. Two Dogs: English Springer Spaniel and ?

    Dog Breeds
    Hey Everyone, Okay, it's sounding like that last mystery dog may have been an omni-mix (mutt). I'm hoping these two will be a little easier. I've been told that the one on the left is an English Springer Spaniel. But I have no idea about the one on the right. Honestly, I can't be sure the one...