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  1. General Dog Discussion
    I always try to imagine the perspective dogs have of our world 🌎 💙 if I were to pick what breed I would be reincarnated as, i would be a pug. Because pugs are very loyal, and full of so much love. Probably a pure black pug. Named Oscar 😄😆🤣
  2. Dog Breeds
    Hey everyone. Saw everyone’s cute fur babies and saw some asking what kind of breed they have. I thought I’d do the same! 😊 I have my almost 5 month old mixed breed Kali, who we adopted. The shelter did not put anything specific just “mixed breed” and that she may or can weigh up to possibly 65...
  3. Dog Breeds
    I picked up this sweet boy a little over a month ago. I’d say he’s probably about 4 months old now, but I cannot figure out what he is! I’m gonna go ahead and say I’m for sure he’s got some lab in him, not only because his face but his behavior and the way he plays. But he can also be a little...
  4. Dog Breeds
    We've had this dog in our family for 9-8 years, and we always are trying to guess his breed, what we guessed was that he is a border collie, Australian Shepherd, and corgi. A little bit about him: -He is super smart and instinctive -He is short but long -Very loyal -Deos not do well with...
  5. New Dogs and Puppies
    Can anyone help me identify which breed my 4-month old pup belongs to? Thanks!
  6. Dog Breeds
    We resuced a black and white dog from a shelter about eight years ago, and we were told Siberian Husky / Border Collie mix. He was around a year and a half and weighed 40 pounds having a more lean husky look to him. Every year when he got weighed it showed he filled out his frame, we used to say...
  7. Dog Breeds
    Okay so this all started when we adopted a dog in October that was originally from Louisiana but was transported to New York when hurricanes and stuff were going down. We get tons of guess whenever we bring him places and they are mostly different. For instance every vet and technician said he...
1-7 of 7 Results