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  1. Dog Gear and Supplies
    So my dog has a nice doghouse with cushions inside our shed, lovely and warm and dry, then we also have another doghouse directly outside our back door as I thought she might use that since she's closer to the house that way and can still see everything that's going would think :D But...
  2. Dog Gear and Supplies
    I didn't see a special section for beds so I though toys was close enough. I was wondering what dog beds are your favorite for your pets and why? What's the most elaborate or expensive dog bed you've ever seen?
  3. General Dog Discussion
    I could not be a decent pet owner without providing some sort of pet bed for my animals. Looking back over the years, each of my pets had a place to call their own. My first pet, a small Maltese, had a store bought pet bed. It had foam edges covered in cheap, blue fabric with a small cushion...
1-3 of 7 Results