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dog barking

  1. I can’t stand my dog

    General Dog Discussion
    I feel terrible even saying that but I literally can’t stand my dog anymore. So... me and my boyfriend got a mixed puppy in may 2019 in april he will be one year old. Everything with him was perfectly fine at the begging, he was learning quickly, behaving okay and we really loved him and he...
  2. Aggression towards other dogs

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, I have a 3 year old cocker spaniel who in the last year has got increasingly more aggressive towards other dogs. When he was young he was ridiculously submissive and dogs would always try and hump him or chase him, in the summer he would start telling them off with just a little bark but...
  3. Watching neutrotic dog, won't stop barking

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi, I've been watching my aunt's dog for 2 weeks. They're coming back in one week. My aunt lives in the country and completely pampers the dog (gives her whatever food she wants, etc). Every day they take her for a very long walk in the woods, and usually they just go in the woods and take her...
  4. My Dog Barks in sleep or wakes up barking

    Dog Training and Behavior
    So I just was wanting to know if this is normal or if anyone else has had this happen. So my dog wakes up barking and crying or will bark in her sleep and cry in her sleep is this just like nightmares, like us humans have I always pick her up and tell her its ok and calm her down when this...
  5. 2 Of Our Dogs WONT STOP Barking When Outside!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey, We Have 2 Big Doggies: A Female Saint Bernard & Male German Shep/St. Bernard Mix. :) On Nice Days,We'll Take Them Out On Their Cable Runs Outside To Let Them Enjoy The Weather & Be Outside...And Well Missy (st. bernard) is at the Side Of The House On Her Run...& Chump (saint bernard/german...
  6. Dog barking, does it irritate you? Then put a stop to it now

    Dog Training and Behavior
    You hear your neighbor's dog barking again and are wondering why he does not stop the dog from barking. You do not realize that your neighbor has tried everything that he can think of to stop his dog from barking. So after talking to your neighbor about the barking dog you decide to try to help...