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  1. Dog hyper alert and staring at nothing a week after attack

    Dog Health
    Exactly a week ago, my dog Bailey was attack by another, my larger dog (he’s a shih tzu mix, the attacker was a bull terrier) and was very seriously injured on one side of his body, so his front shoulder and back leg are both badly hurt and had to be stitched up and he can only walk on three...
  2. My dog was attacked but the outcome is bad

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I'm new here. I had a situation happen and found this forum while googling for answers/advice/help.. Last night I was walking my dog, on leash, in my neighborhood. We've lived in this neighborhood for 3 years. My dog is reactive, but he is 6 and in the 5 &1/12 years I've owned him I've never...
  3. Puppy PTSD Dog/Dog & Dog/Human Attack

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Sorry in advance if this is a long post. I really need help, please, anyone. I've included some background info so hopefully the whole situation can be observed. We have a 17 week old Pomeranian, male, named Baxter. He weighs 8 lbs. Baxter also has a sister - Pepper, our 4-1/2 yr old...
  4. Dog attacked: afraid to take walks now

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everyone, I just joined this forum because I am so devastated and really need some help. About 4 months ago, I took my 12 year old Jack Russel for a walk and out of nowhere, a bigger dog came from behind a fence and immediately bit my dog in the rear/hind leg area. Even though the vet...