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  1. Dog Art
    Hi everybody!, I'm new in this forum, and I so far I liked it very much, I kinda find interesting that usually people that love animals are very nice and kind, so I'm happy to find a place with a whole bunch of dog lovers as myself reunited =). Now, I'm taking the chance to share my art (which...
  2. Dog Art
    Here is all my art :)
  3. Dog Art
    Hello, I am new to this forum! :) I'm Meg, I'm an artist specializing in realistic pet portraiture!! I would love to draw some different dogs to build my portfolio, some of the breeds I have yet to draw are: BULLDOG GERMAN SHEPARD POODLE BEAGLE BASSET HOUND POINTERS NEWFOUNDLAND SCHNAUZER...
  4. Dog Art
    My man's birthday present, T-shirt, so he can dress to match his crazy dog.
  5. Dog Art
    Arctic wolf, acrylic- the entire background is a poem by one of my favorite writers, Robert Service. The poem is, "The Men Who Don't Fit In." (for those interested in looking it up- it's a great one!)
  6. Dog Art
    RENAISSANCE PET PORTRAITS Have your beloved dog immortalized in a Renaissance pet portrait! Jesters, Kings, Queens, Beggars, & Knights -- What Renaissance role does your Fido most resemble? Here's how it works: you send me a photo of your dog and then I transform them into a renaissance...
  7. Dog Art
    There is NO person who is more loving or loyal than your dog. Capture a moment in time, forever... I will create an original, hand-drawn work of art from a photo of your precious puppy. Watch the "behind the scenes" of how I created this puppy portrait of Reggie: Puppy Portraits in...
  8. Dog Art
    Hello, guys, my name is Elena Romanova, I am a huge dog lover and artist, located in Marbella, Spain. l have more than 18 individual expositions in one of the best art galleries all over the world. I have worked in the field of art for all my professional life, completely devoted, with more...
  9. Dog Art
    Wanted to share this cool 1000 Dog Portraits Contest that everyone can join! Just submitted couple of mine Beagle Portraits myself. All fellow artists and dog lovers if you have a drawing of your canine, I hope you will enter it, too. Here is the link Cheers,
  10. Dog Grooming
    I saw these amazing dog pictures (one being a painting). You'll certainly like them!.
  11. Dog Art
    OMG, I just got the real one in the mail... Words can't even describe... it's just adorable! I got it for my husband as a Christmas present of our greyhound Lily. He is going to love it! I got it from (even got it on sale!) I'm going do one of our old dog Terry next... and hang...
  12. Dog Art
    Here's one of the reasons I've been so busy the past month, hardly time to breathe, but that's a good thing! These 2 siblings...older dogs...often seem to converse! They are also hunters so I wanted to show them in a habitat that would be natural for them. It's 16 x 20 in colored pencil on...
  13. Dog Art
    This guy's Mom wanted his portrait doing what he does best...and loudly! I used Prismacolor colored pencils on Mi Tientes pastel paper, 11 x 14. Thanks for looking! Robin
  14. Dog Art
    I am so excited to find this forum!! After 8 years of having to type for lawyers full time and doing dog portraits part time, I'm able to be home with Otto doing my dog art fulltime and can spend a little time on the internet chatting with other dog and art lovers!! I'm so excited to see...
  15. Dog Art
    There's a dog-shaped hole in my heart...lost my sheltie three years ago and still miss her. My other dog died in January, and I haven't been able to get another one because of job situation (long commute, long hours). I am trying to sculpt my way out of my dog depression, and thought I 'd post...
  16. Dog Art
    Hi everyone, My name is Sandra. I'm new to this forum and as I haven't got a dog (yet), I thought I might share some of my drawings and paintings (in case anyone would like to see them!). :D We used to have a lovely black Lab called Buster. Right here's one of my pastel paintings, drawn on...
  17. New Member Introductions
    Hi everybody. I made a few posts before I found this intro section - opps :o My name is Amy, I currently have 5 Labs and a cat. I also foster for local rescue groups and rescue dogs myself from time to time, so sometimes I have a new mouth to feed. I have been "in Labs" since 1986 and they...
1-17 of 18 Results