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  1. Greyhound for someone with dog allergies

    New Additions
    Hi everyone, I'm looking at getting a dog in the next few weeks. My boyfriend's allergies can flare up around certain dogs, my mum's English pointer for example. He's fine around his mum's cockerpoos as poodles are known to be a hypoallergenic breed. I'm aware that no breed is truly...
  2. Allergy Shots/Immunotherapy for Dogs

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone! A little over a week ago my dog Mia was stung by a bee and had a pretty severe allergic reaction (pale gums and vomiting). We rushed her to the ER and luckily she is ok now! Our vet recommended doing immunotherapy (aka allergy shots) to lessen her reactions. To my knowledge they...
  3. Undiagnosed cough

    Dog Health
    Hello all! We are desperate for answers and have none. My 8 year old shepherd/lab mix started coughing about 2 years ago. He spits up white foam for a while then it turns to blood. I’ve taken him to 5 vets. No one can give us an answer. X-ray shows a healthy heart and lungs. Ultrasound shows a...
  4. Dog peeing on my bed and other issues

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I adopted an adult male dachshund about a year ago. When I adopted him, he was definitely a little fearful of swift movements, but that has gotten a lot better over he past year. He’s never been fully potty trained, but this past week he has peed on my bed every chance he’s gotten. He usually...
  5. Can someone tell me how dangerous dog allergies are?

    Dog Health
    My family has two dogs: Chi (mixed-poodle) and Dol (mixed-yorkie) I also have mild asthma and mild dog allergies. With Chi, I get reactions quite often. My asthma acts up and I have a difficult time breathing; I sneeze often; my nose becomes terribly itchy. So I don't hang around him too much...
  6. Dr. Sandi Sawchuk (University of Wisconsin) on allergies and other health concerns

    Dog Health
    I noticed there have been a lot of questions about allergies recently, so I thought I'd share this! If this is in the wrong place or not welcome, please let me know. A Wisconsin Public Radio show I like to listen to regularly has a veterinarian from the University of Wisconsin School of...
  7. Meet Wiggles: An Unhappy Itchy Dog Who Finally Found Relief

    The Honest Kitchen
    Wiggles’ horrible itching and skin hot spots had her miserable and her owners distraught. But a change in dog food turned out to be the solution! Watching Wiggles run around the park near her home in Escondido, Calif., you’d never know the poodle mix is nine years old. “People think she’s a...
  8. tears in her eyes

    Dog Health
    So I was wondering do dogs cry? My dog always has like tears in her eyes and under her eyes are always wet when she is awake and asleep. Is this something I should be worried about? Do you think dogs cry and if so why would she cry even when she is with me sleeping or even when she is super...
  9. Allergies and ear infections

    Dog Health
    Hi Dog Lovers, I am having some very big problems with my labrador. I love her dearly but lately with the scratching and rubbing butt on ground and scratching back on snow outside--our vet seems to think she has allergies to her food. She did test her for environmental allergies but she came...