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  1. Where to Practice Dog Agility?

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    Hi, I recently moved to a different part of the state. I used to practice agility in my (small) cement backyard. It wasn't ideal, but I had all the equipment. Now, I have a large, very slightly sloped grassy yard to practice in. The only problem is, I live in Washington, where it rains. A lot...
  2. Crating at Agility Trials?

    Dog Performance Sports
    Now that Biscuit has a nice, new mesh crate, I intend to crate him at trials. He's been crated before, but only in the car, since he's a tad reactive. He Often barks when I leave him, and he strains toward every dog we walk past. I've started breaking him in to the new crate, and he's fine with...
  3. How Do I Make It to AKC Agility Nationals?

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    It's been a year since my first competition with Biscuit. He's come a long way, to be sure. We're in Excellent Standard (with one Q), Excellent FAST (with one Q), and Masters Jumpers (with one Q). And I would really, really like to go to nationals. I know it's a lot to expect, but I think it'll...
  4. Dog Agility With a Sprained Ankle?

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    Well, just like me. Here's Biscuit with a trial in exactly one week (a trial that I already paid WAY too much for, and that is four hours away!), and I've gone and sprained my ankle on Wednesday night. :( I can't put ANY weight on it, really. Has anyone had to run their dog through something...
  5. Hello from Huddersfield!

    Hello from Huddersfield! :o) I’m Amy, 15 and a Junior Agility handler from the UK. I have a keen interest in dogs, dog agility, photography and Rugby League, specifically Huddersfield Giants RLFC! :) ...... Danny Brough <3 Robbie Hunter-Paul <3 Anthony Mullally<3 Tom Armstrong<3..... I also...