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  1. Isn't your so obedient?.TRY THIS

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    Make your dog take out his all intelligence and make him so active.Here is the most
  2. Dog aggressive towards only one (dog)sibling

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    Okay, we’re at our wits end with this. We have three great dogs. A three year old female Aussie mix, a two year old female German Shepherd, and a one year old male Great Pyrenees. They’re all well behaved dogs for the most part, we’re still working on a few things since they’re still fairly...
  3. aggressive resource guarder towards other dogs advice please

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    Hi i have a 3 year old spayed bitch. She's always been fine with people apart from the odd occasion when she has been nervous towards a random individual. She was well socialised from the day we got her. From a young age she has shown signs of guarding resources such as sticks balls treats and...
  4. dogs in the city..behavior advice

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi All, first timer here and owning a dog. I live in a fairly populated area and walk my Zoe in a residential neighborhood with lots of other dog owners. Now that she is full grown, when we encounter mostly the smaller dogs, the greeting from them is aggressive, growling, barking and lunging...
  5. New dog introduction help

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    I have a bit of an issue. I have a 11 year old American Pit Bull who has always been well behaved around people small children and very few issues with other dogs. He has never shown any signs of aggression but has defended himself against other dogs that have ran up to him barking. Next...
  6. "Dog Aggressive" Dog

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    A year ago I brought home a black lab mix, named Coal. I found him online, from a family, with children as well as other dogs. The first few days Coal minded his own business, never paid much care to Rally, who was also outside in the kennel with him during the day for a few hours. 8 Months...