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  1. Curious about bite work - want to know anything and everything!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey guys, So I don't have a dog, would like to get one in a year or two when I have a stable housing situation. I'm very interested in the doberman breed, but I'd like to do some sort of activity with him, to keep him working and busy. I've been watching some bite work videos on youtube, but...
  2. Dead skin cracking/falling off

    Dog Health
    I'm looking for someone to help me figure out what could have caused this skin reaction on my dog. 4 days ago, it was just a little blood blister type thing on his back. Now, his skin is cracking and falling off. I took him to the vet on day 1 after I saw the blood blister. She mentioned that...
  3. "Puppy" won't eat dog food

    Dog Food
    I have a 7 month old doberman shepherd, and she is a great, very active puppy! Full of energy, and always in a good mood. However, ever since I've adopted her, about two weeks ago, she hasn't ate any of the dog food that I have got her. Ive tried several different brands and types, she doesn't...
  4. Can anyone help me determine bread?

    Dog Breeds
    We adopted Archie from the Anti Cruelty Society about a month ago, and they had him listed as a Doberman Mix. I was hoping someone could shed some light on what they think he is... He's 4-4.5 months old in most of these pictures (currently 5 months). Haven't weight him in a few weeks, but my...
  5. Can't swallow dry food since gi surgery

    Dog Health
    my questions for you: 1. has anyone ever experienced this swallowing only moist foods following g.i. surgery? 2. would you pursue legal action or even write the vet a letter to tell them how messed up this whole thing has been? Read on for the whole story..... Our Doberman had er surgery for a...
  6. Behaviour analysis and, not enough walking?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Just to clear things up my ex boyifriend has a dog and I´m concerned he may not be caring for him as best he could, despite his best intentions. . Please do take time to read. :( I will apologize in advance for any bad English. When we were together I would spend weeks at a time living with...
  7. Dog for deaf people

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello :) My grandparents want to have a dog, they are in their early 60s. They don't want to have small dog or a dog that has a lot of hair. There is one problem though, they are deaf. What breed would be best for them? (plus - is doberman even an option in this situation? Because my grandma...
  8. Hello. New to forum, 11/14/11

    Hello. My name is Brenna. I have a Doberman mix named Nika. She's 2 years old. I believe she is mixed with Staffordshire Terrier but can't be positive. She weighs 55 pounds so I think she's mixed with something to keep her a bit on the smaller side than the typical weight of a Doberman...
  9. ADVICE: Husky/Doberman-Lab Puppy

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello All! I have recently adopted a 3 month old puppy - she is half Husky, a quarter Doberman and a quarter Black Lab. Any suggestions for what I should expect/watch-out for/be aware of? So far she's wonderful, but I'm a bit worried about aggressive play. She is teething, and constantly wants...
  10. Doberman - watercolour

    Dog Art
    This is my latest watercolour painting. It shows a German Doberman(n). Hope you like him. :)