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  1. Has anyone had the dna testing done for your dog(s)?

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    Hi, I'm considering having a dna test done on our dog, just out of curiosity about her breeds, since she's a mix. Just wondering if anyone has, & were you satisfied with the results? Is it worth it? I've read that the wisdom panel is (probably) the most accurate, according to reviews. I know...
  2. Are Wisdom Panels worth it?

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    We're pretty sure Burly is half Beagle and half JRT, but having a wisdom panel done might be fun. I've read about success stories and horror stories - overall, what do you guys think? Were you happy with your results? Did they change anything about the way you cared for your dog (as in diet...
  3. Coconut's DNA test thread

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    Here is her thread! :p I got Wisdom Panel Insights in the mail today, and I'll be swabbing her cheeks later (after the required 2 hour wait after food). If you care to guess her mix, there's a three week wait to find out results, so plenty of time! Age: approx. 7 months Weight: approx. 10 lbs...
  4. DNA test follow-up. Also, guess the breed?

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    So, about a month ago I did one of those Wisdom Panel DNA cheek swab tests. I was very disappointed in the results (12.5%-24.99% each of Sheltie, Old English Sheepdog & Chow :rolleyes:, nothing detected 25% or higher). Anyway, I sent a complaint email and had pretty much given up on hearing back...