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  1. Husky laryngeal paralysis

    Dog Health
    Hi guys...I have 6 years old female Siberian Husky who is suffering from severe case of laryngeal paralysis. I know that one of solutions is to surgerly remove one side of larynx but that opens high chance of developing aspiration pneumonia, also none of local vets wants to do that surgery...
  2. Zika Virus

    Dog Health
    I am very concerned about the prospect of my dear dog contracting the Zika Virus, both because of his health, but also possible transmission of the virus to me and others in our household. I have read that dogs are much more likely to be bitten by mosquitos, and I can see that when walking...
  3. My dog's Skin Disease

    Dog Health
    Help me with my dog's skin disease. It is a German Shepard and I have referred this issue to two veterinary surgeon, but issue hasn't solved yet. Partly bcz both suggests that I have to copper sulphate and some medicines externally applied. However my dog is little bit stubborn and doesn't...
  4. Liver shunt disease in Maltese.

    Dog Health
    Hi there. Just recently (about 2 weeks ago) my live has completely changed. My little Maltese has been partially diagnosed with liver shunt. This has broken my heart. She is very special dog, she is now 1 year and 5 months old but only weight 1.520 kg. She was born so small, and does not grow...
  5. Heart disease questions. Please help!

    Dog Health
    I know this is long and I have 14 questions but if your dog has heart disease can you please read all of this and help me? My 7 year old Chihuahua was just diagnosed with mild, early stage heart disease. We saw a vet who went to Cornell and has studied additionally in cardiology but she is not...