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  1. Dog Health and Food
    Hi everyone. I need some advice. My mini poodle who is nine has strange bouts of diarrhea but she acts normal and plays around and it doesnt happen everytime she goes. for example, this morning her #2 was solid and normal and she hasnt eaten since her last meal (not yet her feeding time) but she...
  2. Dog Health and Food
    My adult 210 lb. Mastiff ate a large cooked prepackaged ham bone completely now I'm worried. Can dogs digest ham bones and can a dog the size of mine likely pass on what isn't digested? Thanks.:confused:
  3. Dog Health and Food
    Hello! My name is Caytie, and i have a 4 year old lab Shepard akita mix (???) named Charlie! Charlie is a really great dog, but he's been having some trouble lately. I know this is gross, but the amount he has been pooping, is way less then usual. he goes twice a day, but the amount of poop he...
  4. The Honest Kitchen
    This story is a featured post on our blog taken from one of our amazing True Stories- customer testimonials on how food helped heal their pet. Cindy was living with PTSD from a range of terrifying experiences. She began researching service dogs to help with her disorder and set out to find a...
1-4 of 4 Results