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  1. Demodex - Getting worse before it gets better

    Dog Health
    My male GSD may have demodex. It is a rather long story, he has allergies (currently working through that), we have been to the vet (so many times) and we were there last weekend and through a long conversation and problem solving we came up with a theory that we may have given him demodex...
  2. Lotion on a hairless dog?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello all! I am new to the forum. Its nice to meet you all, and thanks in advance! So here is my situation. I rescued a dog who's entire body was covered in demodex about a year ago. His skin was a complete mess. It was so full of the mange and infection that you could smell it across the...
  3. Demodex mange will it ever go away!?!

    Hi everyone! My Miss Lady has had demodex mange since she was 16 weeks! She got Parvo exactly ONE day before her last Parvo shot! We took her to the vet immediately and they couldn't believe we had caught it so quickly. She did a stool specimen and said she also saw a few demodex mites but we...