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  1. Stray dog problem

    New Additions
    Background (PLEASE READ): I live in an impoverished country that does not have any form of animal control services or animal shelters/pounds. My neighborhood has been suffering from a stray dog problem for a while now where several stray dogs are residing in the area and harassing residents...
  2. 7 month old - suddenly dangerously aggressive

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, I adopted a 7 month old Lab/Beagle mix a week ago. She was a calm, sweet dog for the first two days, but has since taken a strong turn toward being aggressive. My wife and I are both covered in bruises from her bites, plus she's broken the skin on several occasions. I have been using...
  3. Puppy ate a whole pee pad!

    Dog Health
    Hi all, my crazy 5 month old puppy just ate his entire pee pad when we were at work. I about went nuts! Will this jam up his entire intestinal tract? I'm not sure if we should go to the vet as of now because he looks normal. Anyone experienced this? He's tried to pull the pad out of the holder...
  4. Minimum standards to control vicious dogs

    General Dog Discussion
    I already have an opinion on my situation. But I am soliciting feedback from dog lovers to see how my opinion compares to everyone else's. I will try to summarize situation without editorializing too much. For two years my neighbors have owned a male Akita. The dog is driven by dominance...
  5. Urgent - Cane Corso won't obey anymore!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone, First of all, I love my dog (1yr old cane corso male ), but at the same time, I'm starting to hate him. In recent weeks, he has completely lost all obedience training. Here's some of the things: - He pulls on his lead, - won't go into his basket when I tell him to -jumps on me...
  6. Should Certain Breeds be Banned from Neighborhoods?

    Dog Breeds
    Can you imagine having a family member taken away from you? This is what it is like for some people and their dogs. In towns all around the country, certain dog breeds, such as pit bulls, are being banned from living there. They are supposedly too dangerous and too unpredictable. However, this...
  7. BSL Pitbulls and dangerous dog breeds

    General Dog Discussion
    6 May/12 The Ignorance involving Breed Specific legislation BSL stands for Breed specific legislation; BSL is the banning of certain dog breeds. The reader most likely has heard of attempts to ban American Pit Bull Terriers, what the reader probably has not heard of is that...
  8. Why Breed Specific Legislation is Bull****

    Dog Breeds
    Risk factors associated with behavioral problems in dogs Abstract This cross-sectional study was carried out as a preliminary report on the prevalence and risk factors for owner-perceived behavioral problems in the dog population. A total of 232 owners were interviewed by means of an...