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  1. Dog Health and Food
    Hey, have any Dalmatian owners out there got any experience of feeding their pup "Farmers Dog". We were using Hill's U/D cos she had uric stones but would like to switch her to natural food diet if possible - just worried about Purine content.
  2. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello all, I could use some advice, I have 10 months old dalmatian male, he loves to play around with dogs, however when there is more than one dog, he tucks his tail, ears, and in general looks anxious. I try to calm him down, pet the other dogs so he can see they are no thread to him, but...
  3. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all. I have a 12 month old Dalmatian and tonight I've been bitten by him hard enough to puncture the skin on my wrist. He is not generally aggressive, in fact I'd say he's super friendly, especially with people. He has never resource guarded with anything other than treats. Never with his...
  4. Dog Art
    My name is Kayla and I own a craft business called Crafty Mom Collection. You can visit us on Facebook @Crafty Mom Collection or Instagram @craftymomcollection. We specialize in custom epoxy tumblers and home decor. Our top selling item are our “Spot On” Dalmatian tumblers. These items are 20 oz...
  5. Dog Breeds
    My research tells me he is mixed with Dalmatian...Duke is a rescue from a cattle dog rescue in Tampa fl. He’s 4 1/2 months old in this photo (which is current) he’s extremely smart, learns fast, loves puzzle toys, highly energetic, barks a lot and chews a lot. Anyone have any idea what he might...
  6. New Dogs and Puppies
    Hello. If I am posting this in the wrong area, please inform me politely! I have only had this account for one day, for this one specific question and to my best understanding this is where to go for this sort of post. Thank you for your patience! <3 Anyway, I have been heavily considering...
  7. Dog Breeds
    Hello! I'm new here so forgive me if I broke any rules... I recently adopted a purebred Dalmatian on Monday, she was born on Aug 11th but recently weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds at the vet. Is this normal for a Dalmatian? Her parents look about average size. I'm just curious about how big...
  8. General Dog Discussion
    I grew up in Ontario. My music teacher of many years had a Dalmatian who was spunky, quirky, and sweet-tempered. I adored him (his name was Hugo). Now I'm an adult and live in the Yukon. I'm thinking of getting a dog of my own. Would it be too cold in the Yukon to keep a Dalmatian? Usually the...
  9. New Dogs and Puppies
    Hello, My almost 5 month old Dalmatian, Floydd, has been though so much in his little life so far. He is currently in a very vulnerable state due to various heart complications of currently unknown causes. Floydd is currently in ICU at a pet hospital and is being given drugs that are attempting...
  10. Dog Health and Food
    Hello! Apologies if this thread didn't wind up in quite the right place of if there's some old duplicate out there. I'm new to this forum. I've got major puppy fever right now. Going to wait 'till I've adjusted to normal life after college before considering getting a dog, but I've been doing...
  11. Dog Breeds
    Hello all, recently you explained to me what my "mal" might be, by "mal" I mean probably some GSD mixed with a floppy eared dog.. haha. Let's try it again with her brother, Plato. He's a "Lab mix" but he pretty much only has the coat of a lab. Head looks different, ears different, tail...
  12. Dog Art
    I'm a freelance Illustrator and usually get commissions for dogs. Here are some i've done in the past. And a cat commission I recently did: If you're interested please message me. Each pet is only $60 for this forum's members. If you want more examples contact my facebook page.
  13. New Member Introductions
    Hello. I've just joined. I love animals. At the beginning of this month I rescued an adorable senior Dalmatian and I adore her. No more pets at the moment. Besides loving pets I also love music, writing, Doctor Who, and drawing. I also am a freelance Illustrator. I draw pets for other people. I...
  14. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Vote for Mr. Ollie! I think he will be at the top of the cute list with this picture Cute Or Not
  15. Dog Pictures and Videos
    I made this article on Buzzfeed, it's some of Ollie's better pics... Enjoy! 10 Cute Dalmatian Pics That Will Make You Smile
  16. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Ollie got tired of Lola waking him up from his naps and unleashes his cute puppy rage. The red stuff on the carpet is NOT blood btw, some people actually thought it was, lol.
  17. Dog Pictures and Videos
    10 week old Ollie vs. 5 month old GSP Lola
  18. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Doggy gate guards and other funny pics.
  19. General Dog Discussion
    Here are some cool and funny videos I shot lately of my pups being dogs! Let me know what you think! If you have any cool videos of your pups, please post to this thread as well to share with the other dogforum people.
  20. Dog Breeds
    I've seriously had people come up and ask me if they are from the same litter before, if you look at them in the video you will see that they are completely different, lol. I just think it's funny and I wonder if they are being serious sometimes. Dalmatian and GSP Puppy Tug of War
1-20 of 21 Results