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  1. Review on MJ's Bow Ties

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Just wanted to say that I recently purchased some bow ties form MJ's Pet Boutique on etsy and their products are wonderful! Great quality and amazing patterns to choose from!
  2. What Breed is Cirilla?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello, I adopted her from the shelter and was told she was a black mouth cur mix. Then the vet told me she was a pit bull mix. A vet tech swears she's boxer mix and another person assures me she's a mastiff. She is only 3 months old but 15 pounds. I'll be honest I have no idea what she is...
  3. 10+ Very Cute Dogs Behind „Beware Of Dog” Sings

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    When you see the „BEWARE OF THE DOG” sign, you usually imagine a furious beast that is just waiting to attack. Sometimes reality is the opposite! These murderers will attack you with their adoration, they cant harm you source...
  4. New to the forum! Meet my adorable dog Tucker!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    New to the group! Took our Shih Tzu out a couple weekends ago in Mendocino! He is photogenic and loves the camera thanks to PetSelfie getting his attention! Love the group and seeing all the cute Shih Tzu's! Love using PetSelfie highly recommend that camera app!
  5. NYC Halloween Dog Parade

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Dogs in costumes…what could be cuter? Check out my Halloween Dog Parade video and tell me your favorite pooch in the comments:
  6. Please help share the story of my almost 5 month old pup

    New Additions
    Hello, My almost 5 month old Dalmatian, Floydd, has been though so much in his little life so far. He is currently in a very vulnerable state due to various heart complications of currently unknown causes. Floydd is currently in ICU at a pet hospital and is being given drugs that are attempting...
  7. Adopt, Don't Shop! Tell me guys what you think about this

    Dog Art
    Hi! I designed a pet adoption shirt to encourage people to adopt. I wanted to see if you guys can share it and spread the word, check out the design here what do you guys think? thanks! Here's a preview of the design :):):)
  8. Does your dog ask to be tickled?

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    My dog Potato loves to be tickled, and she always asks for tickles using her hand! Does yours do the same? Check my dog's video of her asking for tickles!
  9. What type of dog is this?

    General Dog Discussion
    I got a dog 2 days ago, and I wanna know what dog she is. <--(You have to be logged into facebook to view but she looks almost exactly like this dog which is a rottweiler yorkie...
  10. Never Unleash a Siberian Husky?

    Dog Pictures and Videos
  11. Apparently my dog is evil...

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    On Zoey's pre-bed walk last night, a guy about my age walked past. Zoey was watching him and wagging and generally being friendly, when he'd walked about 10 foot past us he stopped. He called to us that he could "sense the evil" of our dog, and that "dogs like her" should be
  12. French Bulldog Puppy barking at a RC Car

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    It’s my first post here, so I wanted to share a fun video of my frenchie Bugsy! Nice to meet all of you!
  13. Video of my puppy

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hello everyone! I am new here and would like to introduce myself by showing my adopted puppy to these awesome forums. :) Here you go:
  14. 1 year old! :)

    General Dog Discussion
    He grew up so fast! Getting a puppy was a gamble, but I'm pleased with how he's turned out so far. His energy level is a good match for us - he's not hyper or crazy, but still has plenty of energy for hikes and outdoor fun. Other than a slight fear of men (which he appears to be getting over)...
  15. They are getting a long now :D

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    So it only took 5 days, for my puppy Shyloh and my gf's dog Sofie to get used to each other. We decided to just let them go outside with muzzles on first then took them off. Let's just say, the puppy knows who's the Alpha now xD Now to get the little one to understand commands better :)
  16. Super Cute Wolf Dog Video

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hi everyone! I'm new here and love dogs, especially wolf dogs! I found this super cute video to share!
  17. Funny Pet Video from Youtube

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Funny pet video from youtube. :thumbsup: Me playing with the family dog(Funny) - YouTube
  18. Random Dog Videos!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Just thought I'd start a dog video thread. My dog Hank just got put in a small youtube vid and I thought I'd share it round. Would love to see more.
  19. singing puppy?

    whenever i pay the accordion or the guitar my puppy "howl/sings" its extremely cute! BUT.. why does she do it? is it against her will? does she not like it? does she like it? she doesn't seem bothered or upset actually pretty interested and happy. ( wagging tale and "smiling") so whys she do it?:p
  20. Cutest Dalmatian Ever

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Vote for Mr. Ollie! I think he will be at the top of the cute list with this picture Cute Or Not