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  1. New Dogs and Puppies
    Hi all! I recently adopted this fabulous 7-month-old puppy! His name is Brodie. The shelter staff was unsure of his breed except "part pit bull". My best initial guess was perhaps Dalmatian-American Staffordshire Terrier, maybe some Beagle. (I've heard him howl.) Wisdom Panel testing is trying...
  2. General Dog Discussion
    Hi, I'm Abu, I'm the red toy poodle. I'm just joined the forum..."Hello, you all!!" Let me introduce you to my family. Totoro (Lionhead Rabbit) Likuu (Miniature Apricot Poodle) I really enjoy hangin' out with my two bigger brothers. I hope you doggies get along with your family as well.
1-2 of 4 Results