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  1. HELP! Dog cut tongue….

    Dog Health
    Telly seems to have cut her tongue on something. We first thought she cut her leg then traced the blood back to her tongue and there it was. Her mouth is so small we can't get a good look at the cut but I called the emergency center and the girl who seems to be only a receptionist just said to...
  2. My puppy is terrified of cutting out mats

    Dog Grooming
    My puppy is almost 8 months old, and he has long fluffy white fur. We try to brush him everyday, but he still has a few (tight) mats/knots. We've been cutting them out because they are just too dense to brush out, plus we don't want the brushing to be painful. To prevent the knots, we want to...
  3. cut on foot

    Dog Health
    my dog just cut his foot by his paw. It isn't a large wound, but the tissue is flapped. If it was my wound I would try butterfly bandages, but things are trickier with dogs. I have had bad experiences with stitches and staples in the foot. They just come right out. I once had to have them...