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  1. General Dog Discussion
    I came across this article it's an interview with Ricky's owners and an observation of a grooming session. Shampoodle: The four-hour wash and set that turns Ricky into a Crufts champion | Mail Online I think it is so wonderful to see how well taken care of and loved he is and that his whole...
  2. Dog Art
    I thought I'd share two short films I've made recently with Irish Terriers, one a veteran Crufts champ making his last appearance in the ring, and one of his grandchildren, aged 4 weeks. It was my first trip to Crufts and what an amazing experience it was too! Even having been around terriers...
  3. Dog Shows
    ahh! crufts starts in 4 days time!! :eek: i can't wait to go.....but at the same time i'm very nervous. my reason? i am showing monty there!!! he qualified at the bournemouth dog show when he came second, and so he will be in the junior dog competition, and something else we've entered him for...
1-3 of 3 Results