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  1. Help Me Please friend impulsive purchase of Lab X Staffy

    Dog Breeds
    My friend brought a puppy yesterday from a friend of a friend. She got no information apart from that it's a Labrador X Staffy. I've spent most of the morning looking up information but only comes up with selling websites. If anybody has any information that could help her She will be going to...
  2. Can A Dog Concieve 2 Breeds in 1 Pregnancy?

    Dog Breeds
    Our black min-pin just gave birth to 2 cute little pups. But we are wondering why the female pup have a different hair. It is thicker and a little bit kinky. We were sure that our brown min-pin is the father. After they mated, we just locked her in our room and sometimes in the cage. We also...
  3. Our rabble

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    We have three Dogs, they are all little terrors! It amazes me how big there personalities are and how human they all are! This is Tia, she is the latest addition to our family, She is a Rottweiler x American Bulldog, she is around 4 months old. <3 These are our other two, they are both...