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  1. Issue with crate

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Initially my puppy (5months now) was ok with being put in a crate at bedtime & when I had to leave him. Some barking if it was daytime but quiet at night. I used to get him to sit outside the crate, give treat. Put treat inside, get him to sit, give treat then give some more whilst I shut the...
  2. Crate during the day - 8 weeks old Golden Retriever puppy

    Hello experts. We've got Max, an 8 weeks old light Golden Retriever, last Saturday Feb the 20th. He is a very smart and handsome guy and it seems he is picking up the house training pretty well. At least I think. I usually work from home. Some days are more flexible than others. My question is...
  3. Travel Crate for English Mastiff

    General Dog Discussion
    Help! Searching for a IATA compliant travel crate for my 200 lb. EM. Will be transporting him to Rome and cannot find an airline approved size kennel for him other than a custom metal kennel @ $2000. His measurements would require a 54L x 35W x 45H crate. The largest we can find is: Giant = 48"L...
  4. Portable Crates?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    So I was given a portable crate to keep at my parent's house but I am thinking I want to get one for camping, etc. This is the one we have at my parents: These are the ones I am looking at: Do you guys have experience with any types?
  5. American Pit/Boxer mix not submitting

    Dog Training and Behavior
    To try and encourage submissive behavior, I put my 14 month old Pitbull mix into his cage. I then simply stood tall and steady and crossed my arms. He started barking and whining, and I have no clue why. How else can I make him submissive? He is neutered.
  6. Help! Peeing in crate!

    New Additions
    Hi! We adopted our dog Rousey about 3 weeks ago and she is awesome! We have been crate training her and she usually does really great. However, there have been a few times that she has peed in her crate, last night being the most recent. Does anyone know why she might do this? From what I have...
  7. Too soon for a dog bed?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone! Decided to join the forum after realizing I keep ending up here on all my gazillion puppy google searches. I'm a first time fur mama to a beautiful Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix. He's 9 weeks old today, and I got him at 6.5 weeks. BEFORE YOU START, I did everything to make...
  8. Crate training advice

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We recently got our first puppy, a 9 week old French Bulldog, and am trying to get him used to being by himself in a crate before we go back to work. is it best to take a slowly slowly approach (10s, 20s, etc) or put him in for 2 mins and if he cries, wait for him to calm which will increase...
  9. first ever puppy! Looking for advice, please

    Puppy Help
    Hello everyone! My partner and I collected our very first puppy yesterday! A gorgeous 9 week old boy French Bulldog; something that we've wanted for a while. During his first night here, he's been crated in another room away from our bedroom. I woke him up at 1am and 3.30am to go bathroom and he...
  10. 14-week Puppy Poops/Pees in Crate, Eats Poop

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We have a beautiful and smart 15-week old French Brittany named Piper. We've had her since she was 8-weeks. We absolutely love her, but we've been having some serious trouble with the her housetraining when aren't home. When we are home, she rarely has accidents. The main issue is that she'll...
  11. Crate Training Help Needed!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I need help. I have an 11 week puppy that is having some trouble learning to love his crate. The crate is located in our bedroom and he is perfectly fine laying in there at night and sleeping and sometimes he goes in there during the day to lay down. The problem comes when we put him in there...
  12. Leaving Puppy @ Home Guilt

    New Additions
    My fiance and I have a 13 week old husky puppy and have had her for a little over a week, we both work 9-5 jobs so we have to crate our puppy while we are away for those 9 hours. This is very hard to do since we crate her for 7 hours while we're sleeping. That is already 15 hours of crating with...
  13. The start of crate training, TMI warning (ish) and my homemade crate

    Dog Training and Behavior
    To be honest, I didn't need a crate for any of the usual reasons, and I didn't particularly want one either. He has a "den", he's doing amazing with potty training, the entire room is puppy proofed, and I've been able to manage most obnoxious behaviors so far (with some exceptions). However...
  14. Newly adopted 9 month pup-TO CRATE? Or NOT TO CRATE?

    New Additions
    I adopted a 9 month old lab mix almost two weeks ago. I did not crate her at first because I did not have any furniture in the house and she was house trained. Now I have a couch and some other furniture and she has yet to do any damage. Aside from chewing on a remote, I have managed to keep...
  15. Crate Training help for loud shelter dog :)

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all! I am relatively new to posting on this forum (meaning I haven't posted in a year and have become a lot smarter since) but I read through threads/posts fairly often and have a question now for you smart folks. I volunteer at my local high-kill animal shelter, walking big dogs. For a few...
  16. 6 Week Old Puppy Advice Needed

    New Additions
    Hi everyone, I found this forum last night at 3AM as I was awake worried sick about my new puppy. I was feeling terrible and even just thinking I should have never gotten him even though I've planned for him for months. I found a lot of comfort in people's postings that said they also felt the...
  17. Should my puppy stop sleeping in my bed?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My American Eskimo puppy, Hunter, is almost 5 months and has been sleeping in his crate at night since when we got him at 6 weeks. In the beginning his crate was placed in my room, by my bed. In the last 2 months, he has been sleeping downstairs (in his crate) alone. He doesn't have much trouble...
  18. Puppy suddenly freaking out in crate?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I'm a first time dog owner and all I would like to do is understand my puppy's "language". c: Hunter's a 4-month-old American Eskimo. Usually, when it's time for bed, he'll be in his crate and immediately go to sleep. However, when I tried to put him to bed in his crate one night, he heard a...
  19. 9 Week Old - Chance of Separation Anxiety?

    New Additions
    Hello! Need smart dog owner help! We just brought home our 9 week old Lab/hound mix puppy from a rescue. Beasley was at a foster home with his littermates. He is adjusting to the home well - except for the crate or keeping him gated in the kitchen. He whines and cries and digs at the...
  20. Dog on a flight

    Dog Health
    We are moving from Australia to Europe with our 2y/o greyhound. We are very nervous about his flight.. Could you please recommend anything that would make it easier for him? Are calming drugs recommended? Should we put a coat on him or will he be too hot? Thank you!