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  1. Need Help With My Old Dog & Younger Dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi! I have an old English Matiff (june), a middle aged beagle (pebbles), and a young active pup (Minnie [Husky/pugX]) Minnie was adopted when she was about 8 months old by my boyfriend (before we lived together) I have had June and Pebbles for 4-5 years. Minnie came in with high energy, food...
  2. Input Wanted: Puppy neglect by neighbours

    General Dog Discussion
    So my new neighbor moved in a rented downstairs apartment a week ago. She owns a 4 month old husky/German shepherd mix female dog. Since I work from home I can hear the poor soul whining like a human all day long.The owner leaves house around 6 am in the morning and comes back around 4pm...
  3. New pup, I sleep late cuz I work nites: does he hate me?

    New Additions
    Once I get up, my dog & I always have long adventures including but not limited to, going on a run/long walk, riding in the car, riding on the train to my work, hanging with me at my work, & then a long night (which is technically "my day"). Am I cramping my dog's style by making him a night...