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crate anxiety


    Dog Training and Behavior
    I need help. I have a pit who is 1 years old, crazy anxiety, on 400mg of trazadone a day. She just got a new impact dog crate, she’s chewing and scratching the inside. Her teeth are all silver. I’m afraid she’s going to break her teeth. I need ideas on what to line the inside of the crate walls...
  2. Puppy Soiling his crate at night

    Hi! About two weeks ago we got a Corgi puppy who is now about 11 weeks old. The potty training has been going pretty well with very little accidents. However, crate training has been pretty bad. We introduced him to it slowly over the weekend we first got him and he didn’t hate it until we...
  3. Help! My dog is turning me into an insomniac

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, I have an 18 month old Cane Corso- when house training her we used a bell at the door which she rings to go outside (I have to add she is the only large dog I have ever had who will soil her kennel when crated -and yes it’s appropriate size for her not too large) this was even before a bad...