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  1. 17 year old Cockapoo won't stop dry hacking / coughing

    Dog Health
    My 17 year old Cockapoo for last 10 days has been dry hacking / coughing. No vomit coming up. We took him about a week ago to the Vet. They ran xrays & didn't see issues. For the cough / hacking, they prescribed Orbax 20ml every night for 10 days, Doxycycline 100mg every morning and night for 10...
  2. Dog Choking / Coughing? (Video)

    Dog Health
    I've read a bit about kennel cough and the like and this doesn't seem to be exactly it. I don't know exactly what causes it since it can be mostly random. She looks like she gets a bit scared every time and if we lift her lips as she does it we think she can get a little bit of air in. Can you...
  3. Snorting/coughing

    Dog Health
    I have a poochon, I normal do not buy crossbreeds becuase I show and breed and they would kinda be useless to me but I fell in love with her she was the runt of the litter weighinh 4oz at birth she is now 4 pounds and her brother is almost 9 pounds... But eariler this year I heard her start to...
  4. Westie Puppy making strange wheezing noises!

    Dog Health
    Hi! So today when i got home, my Westie puppy (about 11 months old) excitedly came to greet me, as usual. But this time, after jumping and barking a little bit, he made a strange wheezing/coughing noise thing. It's kind of hard to explain, but it sounded like a wheezing noise coming from the...
  5. Do dogs get hairballs?

    Dog Health
    I've had my sweet little Alaskan Klee Kai for a week now, and today he made some dryish gagging cough sounds during our walk. He finished blowing his coat recently but is still shedding. Is it possible he has a hairball? I saw some hair in his stool this afternoon too, which made me wonder...
  6. My dog is sneezing and sleeping a lot.. help!

    Dog Health
    Hello, I took in an abandoned dog a few days ago. As far as I can tell, he seems to be a cocker spaniel-poodle mix. The vet I took him to says he might be about 2 years or older. the first few days, he seemed to have all the energy in the world. He couldn't wait to go outside and was...
  7. Does my dog have Kennel Cough?

    Dog Health
    My friend says that my dog has Kennel Cough. I saved Ralphie from the shelter and after a few days, he became unmotivated and developed a cough and keeps snorting/sneezing. Has anyone ever been in this situation before? Is this common?
  8. Labrador retriever coughing and having a strong diarrea

    Dog Health
    Hello Everyone, I hope you can give some ideas on this matter. My 7 months old Labrador is coughing and having a strong diarrea for the last 6 hours. At first I thought it was nothing serious, but now it´s 10 pm and my dog have pooped 5 times. The poop was merely brown water... It´s kind of late...
  9. Please help, my dog could be dying.

    Dog Health
    Ever since we got our dog, every couple of months it has went extremely ill, he hacks and tries to cough stuff up, his symptoms include vomiting (sometimes foamy yellow stuff, alot of times blood) he stops drinking and eating, but when he does drink or nibble on something he goes in the garden...