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  1. NYC Halloween Dog Parade

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Dogs in costumes…what could be cuter? Check out my Halloween Dog Parade video and tell me your favorite pooch in the comments:
  2. Dog Costume Thread! Post Your Photos!

    General Dog Discussion
    My Puppy's Adorable Christmas Costume: :) Did you dress your dog up for Halloween? Do you have any photos or videos of your dog in a costume? We dress our Chihuahua up for Christmas! I would love to see your dog now! :)
  3. Help my puppy win a costume contest!

    Dog Pictures and Videos Picture with the most likes wins! Mason is so cute he should win I think. (maybe I'm a little bias)...
  4. emma in her halloween costume

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    if only she would have showed her adorable smiling bichon face.
  5. Opinion wanted for next costume

    Off Topic Discussion
    So, as you guys know (most of you) I love cosplay - my last costume was . I only had about 2 weeks to make this costume because I wasn't planning on making something that complex until I started googling around.... Well now I want to make a new oe for next year - this time with plenty of time to...