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  1. How much did your dogs luxating Patella surgery cost??

    Dog Health
    I have an 80lb Pitt mix who's in need of a luxating patella surgery and my vet quoted me $5,000. That seems very high to me. I'm curious as to what others have paid in the past for this surgery. I'm in NJ so I suppose it's possible that's right :eyeroll: TIA for any answers!
  2. Dog Grooming College Survey

    Dog Grooming
    Hi guys, I have created a survey as a result in a current College project I am engaging in, the service is not a real one offered by myself. The survey is in relation to Dog Grooming and Dog microchiping, I would greatly appreciate it if your could engage in the survey...
  3. What breed is it? how much should i charge?

    Dog Breeds
    I recently had a shih tzu that had 5 puppies with a cock-a-poo, can anyone tell me what is the name of that mixed breed? I am also planning to sell these puppies, how much do these kind of puppies cost? or give me an estimate at how much I should charge..thanks