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  1. Are this Corgi's parts uhh...normal?

    Dog Health
    I bought an adorable 8 week old corgi two weeks ago. While giving her some belly rubs my husband asked me if her lady parts seemed normal to me. I haven't had a girl dog since I was about 14 and he has never had a dog ever. So neither of us are experts in doggy vaginas. Can anyone please tell...
  2. Looking for advice and opinions!

    New Additions
    Hi everyone! I'm looking to adopt a corgi puppy and have been doing a lot of research on breeders. I've been in contact with a few and they have all been very helpful. I believe I have narrowed my search down to two but am curious on others' thoughts on how to proceed. Breeder #1 I feel the...
  3. Any guesses on the breed of our new puppy

    Dog Breeds
    We were told she is mainly corgi but we can’t figure out the rest
  4. Food Aggressive One Year Old Corgi

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a one year old corgi named Dolly and she has been food aggressive from the moment we brought her home. She has never snapped or bitten my husband or I, but she will bark and growl and her hair stands up on her back, as well as just being very tense and protective of her food. We have had...
  5. Nervous Dog Momma- Need support

    Dog Health
    Hello! I am new to this forum and am hoping I find some comfort from fellow dog parents. My sweet Sophie (Corgi, 4 years old) has two fractured teeth, the big ones in the top back. This is a result of letting her chew on hard bones (once we realized that, we stopped immediately). We visited...
  6. My Corgi has a foot fetish...?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everybody, I am new to and wanted to see if anybody out there has experienced a dog with a legitimate foot fetish. I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Lilly who is about 1.5 years old now. She is extremely smart and adorable, but ever since she got comfortable with my family...
  7. Desperate help dog aggression

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, I am fairly new to the world of dog. It had been since I was a kid that I have had a puppy. Me and my new husband had moved in together, so we recently picked out our first corgi puppy, Gimli. He is now 7 months old and is smarter than ever. My 14 year old brother lives with me and over...
  8. New Corgi Puppy Driving me a little insane! I am feeling discouraged Help!

    Puppy Help
    Hi everyone, it's my first time on this forum. I joined this forum to not feel alone from the puppy troubles and reading through some of the threads has helped me feel better. I have 2 puppies in my home. One is a maltipoo she is about 14 weeks. She belongs to my brother who is an...
  9. First Corgi: Help!

    New Additions
    Hi! My names Jalen and I'll be getting a Pembroke Corgi in 2 months. I know the breeders and am certain that they are good breeders so don't worry about that! I just need help with food, grooming, etc. Any recommended foods, toys, grooming equipment? I would be very grateful if somebody helped...
  10. It's Corgi Time!

    General Dog Discussion
    I recently designed 2 corgi shirts and thought you guys might be interested Here's the links to it if you want to purchase it: Here's a preview of it
  11. Help with Puppy Training list

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I may be crazy but I have this notebook and im planning EVERYTHING to do with my new puppy. I have schedules for each week until she gains her adult bladder, I have lists of things I need before and will need and have bought almost everything even though she is still 6 weeks away from coming...
  12. First time dog owner- questions about large breed puppy food.

    Dog Food
    Hello! I am getting my first corgi puppy in a few months and I've been researching dog food like crazy. From what I've read, Fromm seems like a good brand that is worth trying. However, a few things are concerning me regarding the Fromm Gold Large Breed Puppy formula. For example, the CA/PH...
  13. Welsh Corgi-Pembroke Mix and Bull Terrier/Pit Bull?

    New Additions
    This is mostly preemptive. I have a 2 year old Pit mix that we've had for about a year now. He has loads of energy and when the weather isn't great (cold, raining, winter), he doesn't get the same amount of exercise he might on a nicer day. My wife wanted a Pit (mix) for a number of reasons...
  14. A Corgi sculpture.

    Dog Art
    This is Bobby, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that I sculpted in porcelain and painted with acrylics. Here are some photos:)
  15. still can't decide/do I bring my dog with me or rehome him?

    General Dog Discussion
    I asked about this before, but I find I'm still having a dilemma on what to do. I should be moving to a new city in a few months, and I don't know whether it's the best idea to bring my dog with me. He's a 12 yr old corgi, and he currently has a big yard to run in, and comes in occasionally when...
  16. Giardia in 8 MO corgi

    Dog Health
    Hi there! I have some questions. But first this is what's going on with my Corgi, Atticus! Warning, he's my first dog ever and I'm new to it all. Sorry in advance if I sound insane. Just want to make sure he's okay! A few weeks ago he had Coccidia. I took him to my vet and she confirmed it. So...
  17. trying to decide if I should rehome my dog

    New Additions
    I had intended to take my 12 yr old corgi with me when I move next month. But right now, he mainly stays outside, he has a big yard to run around in, and I have help to buy dog food and such. I will be moving to a small apartment with 3 other people, who will all be working or at school most of...
  18. how to get outdoor dog used to being indoors?

    General Dog Discussion
    I have a 12 yr old corgi that spends the majority of his time outside. But in the fall I will be moving to an apartment, and I have every intention of bringing him with me, but I don't know what the best way too integrate him too indoor life would be. The person I'm living with now won't allow...
  19. Collar Problems

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Well my eight year old Corgi, Yoda, refuses to wear a collar because I was not allowed to make him wear one when he was a pup. As soon as I even show him the collar, he shuts down and will NOT move. What can I do? I have tried to play with his favorite toys while in the collar, treat train, and...
  20. Dream pup should be mine soon!

    New Additions
    It's looking like I will be inheriting my brother's corgi! I am unbelievably excited. He has issues, but I am confident I can work with this dog. Here's the background. My brother and his wife about a year ago brought home a corgi puppy. He is from a reputable breeder that I actually found...