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  1. Advice training a Jindo/Black and Tan Coonhound Mix

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello all, I recently rescued at 8 month puppy from the shelter. He has been ok so far (working on some house training and boredom/destruction issues). Anyways I got a DNA test on him to learn more about what type of dog he is. He looks like a german shepard but had a long curly tail. Everyone...
  2. Addy eats her birthday cake

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  3. Coonhound and what else?

    Dog Breeds
    Went to a rescue today and fell in love with these brothers that are said to be coonhound mixes. I definitely see the blue tick and maybe some black and tan coon but I swear there has got to be something non-hound in them. They are around 7 months old. Thanks for any input. "Olly"...