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  1. Is vomiting related to constipation?

    Dog Health
    I've only had my dog, Iroh, for about 2 months. He's a German Shepherd/Husky mix with some other breeds thrown in as well. In the time that I've had him, he's become constipated a couple of different times, but it always resolves itself within 2-3 days without any intervention from me or a...
  2. Puppy is constipated

    Dog Health
    I think my puppy is constipated. training is going well and he is doing his business outside, but he is straining so hard? and then he only manages to push one out? what can I do? my friend says give him veggies but idk if I should because all the articles on the internet tell me to call the...
  3. Recovering from major constipation

    Dog Health
    Hello! I have a 9-year-old schnauzer/poodle mix. Her diet has always been dry food and she does a ton of sleeping (needs more exercise, I know.) Last week, she was having major constipation problems. Felt like she had to go, but tried for a whole 10 minutes and couldn't get anything out. I...
  4. Constipation in recently rehomed dog

    Dog Health
    I recently adopted a four-year-old boxer named Reese from her original family. I spent a few weeks getting to know her before she officially came to live with me. She loves me very much and seems to be adjusting well however in the week that she's lived here she's only pooped three times. I read...
  5. Constipated after surgery?

    Dog Health
    A little over two weeks ago, I had to take my dog (technically my parents' dog that I'm taking care of since they've temporarily moved) to the vet for emergency surgery after she ate carpet and couldn't pass it. She just got her staples taken out on Saturday, and since then she's had trouble...
  6. Puppy has swamp butt! What to do, what to wipe with and what not to feed it

    New Additions
    Help! My puppy has swamp butt! Sorry for the brutally graphic description, but I don't know what else to call it. He is a Shorkie named Boris, and he is eating like a Great Dane! My boyfriend (who is chronically unemployed) stays home with him all day, every day and God only knows what he is...
  7. Constipation Remedies?

    Dog Health
    I'm calling it constipation but it may not be exactly that. My teacup chihuahua has a lot of trouble pooping. She poops at least once a day, but it just seems to be a huge struggle for her. I can't really tell if she is in pain, but it's a strain on her for sure. Someone had suggested to me that...
  8. Diet questions for my sick dog

    Dog Health
    Hi, The question is below. Here's a little context. I need to try and put weight on my dog fast. Long story, she's skinny and losing weight slowly and vet can't figure out what's going on after several tests (next stop internal specialist) Vet says at this point it falls under the rare...
  9. Please read! I need help!!

    Dog Food
    okay, we moved our 8 week old pup onto bakers puppy food, and she basically ate the lot right away, her belly got HUGE, so i thought she was just full, she'd go to the toilet and get rid of it. and she hasnt.. she has a 2 hour nap, her belly hasnt gone down, and she hasnt had a poo.. so i think...