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  1. Inflatable Dog Recovery Collar for After Surgery or Injury

    Dog Health
    Hello Everyone! Have any of you used this inflatable donut collar post surgery? What do you think of it? Thank you in advance for your input!
  2. Can I Trim the Cone of Shame?

    Dog Health
    My dog has an ear infection AND a slightly infected abrasion behind the ear where she's been scratching. So, after a visit to the vet, she's on oral antibiotics AND topical (in ear) liquid antibiotics AND has to wear the cone of shame. She doesn't have any stitches or anything like that that...
  3. Alternative to dog cone that isn't inflatable

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    So I want to do some work with Raiden before his neuter, to get him used to wearing a cone-type-thing, and I figured I could try one out with Zoey as she's never had to wear a cone before. I want to avoid the traditional plastic cones. I really want one like this: Kong Cloud E-Collar, M...
  4. My dog won't let me put his "cone of shame" on

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My bloodhound just got neutered yesterday and his surgery spot looks like it's a little swollen, which I was told is normal, but he wants to lick the incision spot so I went out and bought him an ecollar to prevent him from licking while I'm away at work but he REFUSES to let me put it on him...
  5. Just neutered--won't stop licking!

    Dog Health
    Hi guys, I just adopted an incredibly sweet terrier mix from my county's animal shelter. He was required to be sterilized before he was released into my care, which I 100% supported. When I brought him home I noticed he wouldn't stop licking the sutures! He was given an e-cone after I took him...
  6. Has your dog ever had to wear a cone? Cute Video

    General Dog Discussion
    YouTube - Human Cone Girl Video made by youtube user MELZAELF Wearing a cone is simply no fun, give your dog extra love if they have to go through this. :dog-crazy:
  7. How do I stop my dog from getting around his cone?

    Dog Health
    Hello, I have a Lab/Newfoundland mix, his name is Charlie. He gets really bad hot spots and i have to put the cone on his head whenever im not around to watch him. He has some how been able to manage getting around to his tail and has chewed it up pretty badly. I have shaved the area and...