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  1. What breed would make a good companion dog for a 1.5 year old female ACD?

    Dog Breeds
    What breed would make a good companion dog for a 1.5 year old female ACD? She lives on 5 acres and was found sleeping outside the front gate in November. She's been treated for Valley Fever and is due for another check up in two months. I would want her completely cured of VF before introducing...
  2. New companion? Senior dog just lost best friend

    General Dog Discussion
    We sadly had to put our 11 year old westie "White Dog" down on Friday. White Dog was the best friend of our 12 year old Lhasa "Black Dog." I have had BD since he was 6 weeks old and, for the first year of his life, we lived with my parents and their 2 dogs. Then we moved out on our own and...
  3. Introducing a Pit that has gotten into a fight

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We've been playing with the idea of getting a second dog. We had one for a while, but she was very nervous and suffered from Separation/Isolation Anxiety. That spun out into getting in a fight with our resident dog (2 year old male Pit/Bull Terrier). He isn't a fan of the Humane Society any...
  4. Best companion for a Puggle

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello! This is my first post and I must say I am very excited to learn from all of you. I have a 3 year old Puggle named Tucker who is great. He's trained, great with people and other dogs and is looking for a new friend. I have been playing with the idea of adding a new member to the family...
  5. Affectionate, Protective, and Loyal Breeds, Please

    Dog Breeds
    I have been torn between Aussies and Brittanies, and have lately been told that I should consider either English or Welsh Springer Spaniels. If any of you could aid my decision, I would greatly appreciate it. I will be living in a small flat in an either urban or suburban area. This sounds...
  6. The Start of a Long Journey!

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello all! I’ve been viewing the forums as a guest for a few weeks now, and have finally decided to sign up! One of the reasons I’ve signed up is to not only become part of this intriguing community, but to also pose a question in regards to future dog-ownership. (I do hope I'm posting this in...