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  1. Border Collies

    General Dog Discussion
    I was wondering if anybody who owns or has owned a Border Collie could give me some insight as to what kind of dogs they are. I'd like to get one some day (not anytime soon as I don't have the money nor the room for one right now) and would like to know as much as I could about them. I wouldn't...
  2. Bad luck with service dog prospects!! Is it me?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    This might be a long post, so I'll just jump right in to it. I can't seem to find the right dog for me. Maybe it's just me.. In less than 2 years I've had 5 different dogs (awful I know). I got them with the goal of training them to become service dogs for myself. My first prospect pup was a...
  3. Solo Puppy Investigating Her Adventure Box

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I just thought the forum would enjoy a couple cute videos of 6-week old smooth collie puppy, Solo, being introduced to an adventure box. Solo's not afraid of anything, with tons of self-confidence. She knows she's a special one! :D I hope you guys enjoy her shenanigans! *Sorry for the video...
  4. My puppy keeps chewing my pants!

    New Additions
    hi i am wondering how i can stop this/what the reason may be. there are three of us living in my home (my mum, brother and i) i have a 16 week old collie puppy who keeps chewing up my clothes particularly underwear and pyjamas and some other stuff. she doesnt chew anyone elses clothes in the...
  5. Border Collies: Dream Dog or Maniacs?

    Dog Breeds
    I've been having a ton of fun with Biscuit. Agility has been soooo awesome! I'm wishing I'd started teaching him (with no jumping, of course) agility from the day I picked him up. And now I want a puppy. :rolleyes: It's been so long since I've had a furry little puppy in the house. Biscuit was...
  6. What dog should I get?

    New Additions
    Hello to all :) In a year or so, I will be getting a new dog... I'm just not sure what kind to get. :ponder: (Thanks in advance to those who've read this far and are still reading:happydance:) So, before you help me, you'll need to know some things about me. Here ya go: I live in a two story...
  7. my dog is very aggressive to walk

    I have a 7 year old border collie, who is a dream in the house. Very clever, listens to all commands etc. As soon as i put her collar on she is crazy, a totally different dog. When we get out she pulls very hard, she is very excitable. This is an issue in itself, but it is something which can be...
  8. Feedback on Crate Training/ House Breaking Schedule

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all, I've put together a house-breaking/crate-training schedule for our new collie puppy Oreo. He's about 13 weeks old now. I'd love feedback on what I've come up with. Most important to get feedback is the duration of the crate training times and the potty and play times are okay if I...
  9. Puppy biting getting out of hand

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I adopted a 2 month old puppy who is now 4 months old. He is a labrador and collie mix. He has been play biting from the start and I have tried to correct this behavior but it is getting worse. I tried spraying him with water, yelping, chew toys, and leaving the room. I puppy proofed a room for...
  10. Absolutely lovely video of Pudsey

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Pudsey is a Border Collie, Bichon Frise and Chinese Crested powderpuff cross. He's quite famous in England and this video is actually scenes from his new movie! 'Pudsey: The Movie' Finds Britains' Got Talent Winner Speaking In Exclusive Lyric Video
  11. need help determining what breed she is.. (lab, pit, collie?)

    Dog Breeds
    The "breeder" said she is a lab and a border collie mix, but I don't see much of the collie in her. She's only 7 months old and she is already the size of a small horse! :p Shes never had that soft, fluffy coat that lab pups have so i'm a little confused on that too.. Any guesses as to what she...
  12. Collie Puppy Info Please?

    Puppy Help
    Bonjour I would like to know about COLLIES! We are thinking about getting a rough white collie puppy from Garlind Ridge Collies. First dog, so any and all info/tips/stories are welcome. We have a pretty large house, and will definitely puppy-proof it and tidy up before we get one. Are there any...
  13. Agility Training--"Carry On"

    Dog Performance Sports
    Ok, so let me explain... agility is a tough sport. You are essentially remote controlling your dog through an obstacle course through a series of cues that include the intentional and unintentional. When you begin it seems like it should be easy, your dog listens and likes to run, right? Once...
  14. Looking for a working bearded collie or bearded collie border collie mix breeder

    Puppy Help
    Hi, I am in the market for a puppy and I am apparently wanting something that is hard to find. I would really like to get either a working-bred bearded collie (NOT a conformation show line) -OR- a bearded collie border collie cross. If it were a cross I would prefer the border collie to be...
  15. Lucas, my border collie puppy

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey! I´m from Madrid and I´ve got a border collie. If you want to see it, please, visit my channel and enjoy my videos, they are about my border collie puppy called Lucas. I´m sure you´d like it. LucasCollie - YouTube
  16. 15y/o collie w.heart murmur. Advice needed

    Dog Health
    Cross collie, 15 yrs old, history of strokes but otherwise healthy as an ox, for her age. This afternoon, I stepped out of the room for 20 minutes, came back and she is suddenly confused, unwilling to walk, unsteady on her feet, refusing food and water, only taking a tiny bit of yoghurt and...
  17. Brushing my new border collie cross

    Dog Grooming
    He is about 2 years old and if he was ever brushed before, he didn't like it or wasn't taught how to be still. Claws too... yikes! Waaaay too long. But I'm OK on that. First trimming done and will do another tomorrow. For brushing, I am working on him a bit at a time, never more than a few...
  18. What should first time Border Collie owners know?

    Dog Breeds
    When getting his or her first Border Collie, what advise or what should that person know beforehand? (or just anything about Border Collies period?) Also, if you could include less of the just 'basic' information and more descriptive or specific things to know that would be helpful too. :)
  19. Border Collie - 7 Months - Few Problems

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Myself, my wife, 2 children and 2 cats (honest lol) decided it was time that we started to look for a dog, in the end we picked a border collie for their intelligence, weve had him 4 days now and he's pretty well behaved, He sits, gives paw, jumps and goes to bed (any random place lol) on...