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  1. General Dog Discussion
    If you have a dog with DARK COLORED FUR, try a blue, purple or yellow collar. If you have a dog with LIGHT COLORED FUR, go with a red, orange, or green collar. If YOUR DOG'S FUR IS NOT ANY OF THE ABOVE, or THE DESIRED COLLAR COLOR IS NOT LISTED, contact me in the comments. Also, here is a...
  2. Dog Gear and Supplies
    I love their needlepoint collars but haven't purchased yet. I know there are other suppliers, but I like the colors and designs, and dont want the typical needlepoint collar patterns like Nautical Flags ect... Has anyone purchased from them? Let me know!
  3. Dog Gear and Supplies
    i was looking for a good quality collar that people can see on them and can grow a little bit with my puppy whos almost a year old who has another year to grow, we got tags but they lost their name ones and she lost her rabies one.. maybe something that i can put my number on them.. and maybe...
  4. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi Everyone, As background, Bree is a Mallinois shepherd mix roughly 5 years old and we just got her at the end of January from a prison program that uses traditional training techniques. We are making great progress in some areas - she rarely reacts to hoodies and hats anymore, is getting...
1-4 of 9 Results