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  1. Acute allergy or puppy cold?

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone. This is my first time posting and I am a first-time dog owner. 2 months ago my fiance and I adopted an adorable, healthy Italian Greyhound at 8 weeks. He is now 4 months old and he is in relatively good health (aside from missing a testicle [only 1 descended]). :D Last...
  2. Dalmatian in the Yukon. Too cold?

    General Dog Discussion
    I grew up in Ontario. My music teacher of many years had a Dalmatian who was spunky, quirky, and sweet-tempered. I adored him (his name was Hugo). Now I'm an adult and live in the Yukon. I'm thinking of getting a dog of my own. Would it be too cold in the Yukon to keep a Dalmatian? Usually the...
  3. Dog boots/socks

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    It's getting cold where I am and I have noticed that a few times on the coldest days on walks, my puppy will lift her paws as if they are cold and want to turn around. I'm happy to oblige and go home, but I know that we have some much colder days ahead of us and would like suggestions for the...
  4. Winter is coming

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Roy (my Blue Heeler/Boston Terrier mix) is now 12 weeks old and a solid 18lbs. He's growing fast, but after this sweltering Missouri heat I know that it'll soon be fall, but I want to prep for the winter. So as for my questions... 1.) Is he going to have to put up with clothes for the cold? 2.)...
  5. Too cold for walks in the snow?

    Dog Health
    My parents love to take my 1.5 year old lab for walks in the mountains near our home, however now that there is snow on the ground they are afraid it will be too cold for his feet. They usually take a good 2 hour walk but I'm not sure if this is too much exposure. Any thoughts?
  6. Dog pooping in house and crate.

    I have a coonhound mix dog whom I got from the shelter in December. She is approximately 9 months and weighs 25-30 pounds. So I have had her for roughly 3 months. When we got her, I started crate training right away, and she only had a few accidents in the house. But, no accidents for about 2...
  7. Cold or foxtail or allergies?!!

    Dog Health
    So I have a chihuahua-golden-lab dog, and he's around 8-9 years old. Yesterday afternoon, he started having random sneeze attacks... like he would sneeze 7x in a row and then 4x or he wouldn't sneeze for a while, and then randomly sneeze here and there. He rarely ever sneezes, so I'm taking this...
  8. My dog has symptoms of a cold, dangerous ?

    Dog Health
    My dog has had the Da2PP vaccine and will be getting the second dose in a couple of weeks. He is a two year old cocker spaniel. Over the last two days, he has developed what seems like a cold. He is sneezing and coughing, but mostly seems to have a blocked nose (both nostrils) and nasal...
  9. Too Cold !!

    Puppy Help
    Hello i need some help i have a lovely little Maltese puppy called Alfie he is 13 weeks on the 28/01/11 and he has had all vaccinations. when itake him out for a walk he tends to shiver ALLLOT he has a fleeced jacket but he still shivers ? it is cold where i luive but does this mean i cant take...