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  1. About Clipping My Dog’s Nails and Removing Stains from Her Fur

    Dog Grooming
    My dog, Bella, is a 7-year-old Japanese Spitz-Maltese female dog. She has a white fur with brownish-red stains on her feet, around her eyes and mouth. How can I remove the stains? What can I use when I groom/bathe her? Also, her nails are pretty long and it’s been a few years since her last...
  2. What are the best clippers for grooming my Goldendoodle at home?

    Dog Grooming
    We have decided to try grooming our own dog, but are having trouble finding clippers that work well with our Goldendoodle. What experience have you had with clippers?
  3. What type of coat does my yorkie have?

    Dog Grooming
    My yorkie is currently around 5 months old, so it may be too early to determine the type of coat he has, but I was wondering if he had a silky, cotton, or wiry coat? It is somewhat soft and mats easily which led me to suspect that it was cottony, but my dad says that it looks more wiry...
  4. My dog is depressed after being shaved

    General Dog Discussion
    My 2 and a half year old German Shepherd had a tick, so the vet shaved him. Now, he's depressed and I have no idea what to do to make it better. He's usually very playful and rolls on his back for belly rubs. Now, he'll rush to my side, sit and rub up against my leg, instead of jumping on me or...
  5. extra warm winter coat for little male dog

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    I'm looking for a very warm, preferably wool, winter coat for a small male dog. He is about 10-15lbs, we think maybe a chihuahua, terrier, dachshund mix or something like that. I would like a coat with a design similar to these because the coats with a belly type strap tend to touch is little...
  6. Moving from summer to winter

    Dog Grooming
    We are moving from Australia to Europe with our dog (2year old greyhound). Unfortunately we have to do so in December which means going from very hot summer to very cold winter (probably even snow which he has never seen). Is there anything we can do to help him prepare and adapt to the change...
  7. changing coat?

    Dog Breeds
    i have a Black lab/GSD male, hes a year and four months, and has always been solid black, exept his back legs foot where his toes are white. now hes getting more white not much but little single white heirs around his body and face. ive owned him seince he was 2 months and this started in the...