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  1. Will my dog be happier away from me so she can live in the country-side?

    General Dog Discussion
    I moved out of my mom's house to the city 1.5 years ago. Although I am home often (and I have a cat who is friends with my dog and stays home with her when I'm away), I am worried that my dog is not as happy here. I am trying to determine whether she will be happier moving back in with my mom...
  2. Active city girl trying to find the perfect dog

    New Additions
    Hi, I am moving to Paris soon and I am planning to get a puppy. I have been looking at a bunch of breeds that I really like and have gone through so many options I don't even know what breed I could choose anymore. I am a first time dog owner but I have done so much research and am planning to...
  3. Little dog in the city

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello! Let me show you an interesting video about a 12 weeks old puppy walking in the city, following her owner, without leash: