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  1. struggle to pick up your dog from daycare?!

    General Dog Discussion
    I work in the city and drop off my little pomski at doggy daycare Monday-friday so it can interact and play with other dogs while I'm at work. There is always so much traffic picking up and dropping off. I need a solution!! Does anybody else have this same issue? I wish someone could pick up and...
  2. Help house training new pup in a city!

    Hi - I'm hoping there are some city puppy owners out there who can help me. My boyfriend and I just got our new 3 month old Westie last Sunday, so he's been with us almost 1 week! Immediately, we wanted to start house training him. We live in a busy area outside of NYC. Our house is set back...
  3. New cattle dog in the big city!

    Hi! I live in Brooklyn and live a very active life in the city, work from home and make lots of time to get out traveling and adventuring - I just adopted an extremely high energy heeler mix who I hope to bring along with me as my sidekick on all my adventures. His name is Chicken, about two...