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  1. Finding a Trainer, Behavior Consultant, or Behaviorist

    Training and Behavior Stickies
    On choosing a good trainer and why you may need a trainer: Finding Help How To Find The Best Dog Trainer For Your Dog - Whole Dog Journal Article How to Choose a Dog Trainer Tips on How to Choose a Trainer Fetching the Perfect Dog Trainer (webinar) Reactive Champion: Why You Need a Trainer (Even...
  2. Which dog breed is better of me? Trying to find a matching dog!

    Dog Breeds
    Hello to everyone! Me and my girlfriend we want to have a dog. We yound and we are living in an small aparment in the city, Rotterdam, Netherlands. The city have lots of parks and green space. Mainly we are working in the day time (sometime i dont have to work in the day) so one of us or both...
  3. Need help picking a breed

    Dog Breeds
    Before making any suggestions, please read what I've written, I'm sure you all have your own preferences, but please keep in mind I am look for the right dog to fit my needs. Allow me to begin by explaining myself. I am a senior in college. I have one semester left until I graduate. (Woo!) I...