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choosing a dog

  1. Help choosing a suitable breed

    Puppy Help
    Hi, I live alone and have 2 children that visit regularly. My home is in a small town, in-town lot with a nice size yard and close to lakes and walking trails. My home is small, only about 800 sq ft and I work full time so I am not home during the day. I am a somewhat active person. I am...
  2. How do I pick a perfect breed?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello :) I'm not a dog owner but I'd really like to become one in some time. My favourite breed so far is rough collie. I love the fact that they don't require long hours of daily walks, their pretty coat and intelligence. I was nearly sure I wanted to get one. On the other hand, I've had...
  3. Which dog breed would suit me best?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi Im hoping I have selected the correct section to post this in. I am considering getting a dog, but still unsure on which breed is best suited. I would love to hear peoples opinions before I make a decision. Ideally I would Prefer a medium to large dog breed. I live out of town so walks...
  4. My cat & chicken loving wife wants to choose a dog.

    Hello. Both Christina, my wife of 50 years, and I grew up as "cat" people in Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange County). I also milked a cow and goats on a hobby farm near Disneyland as a child. Christina had a dog and a cat (more special to her) as a child. We now live (I am 71, she 68)...
  5. Breed Suggestions

    Dog Breeds
    Hi, I'm looking to get a dog for the first time and being inexperienced, breed suggestions would be great. Some things I'm looking for in a dog are: - Good with kids - Active but isn't destructive indoors and has an off-switch - Doesn't shed too much - Medium to large - Can run 7-10k -...