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  1. A Single Bite Incident Puts Stop To Dog Adoptions

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    I have some strong feelings about this story. I feel horribly for the family and even worse for that little 5 year old boy who was bitten but I also feel bad for the dog (a boxer/bulldog mix) that was euthanized. All animals that come into AACo Animal Control are temperament tested, no animal...
  2. Dog bit my son, what should I do?

    Hello, Let me give you the background story. I had a border collie who recently passed away. He was one of the best dogs I've ever known. We got another border collie as a puppy. This collie was a sweet puppy, but always just a little shy. I did his obedience training myself, and he is a very...
  3. Totally off topic, but still important.

    Off Topic Discussion
    Hi, my name is Bob, I love dogs, but I love people more, and this is why I decided to take a post one of my friends posted else where and place it here. I live in the Pittsburgh area; I am 49, male and work in the alarm industry. So my main job is keeping people safe. This includes you and...