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  1. Housetraining
    I have an almost three-year-old chihuahua poodle mix. He rings a bell when he needs to go outside. He also stays in our gated kitchen (hardwood floors) while we are at work. During the work day, he is able to go 8 hours without an accident. He does ring the bell pretty frequently as well when we...
  2. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello All! My wife and I have 3 chihuahuas and their ages range from 5-14 so they're all fully grown. My wife got all 3 before we met and kept them in her apartment. She's a nurse, so she's always kept long hours and therefore never had the time to train them properly and also her apartment...
  3. New Dogs and Puppies
    I just read someone's post about being scared before adopting because of the wait...I have just committed to adopting a little dog, probably chi mix, about a year old, and I am an absolute bundle of nerves. I've never adopted from a shelter before, and haven't housebroken an adult...and know...
1-3 of 3 Results